Selasa, 14 Agustus 2012

Google's "Law" Hobby Website "Copy Paste"

The search engine Google will begin to "punish" web sites that allegedly violate copyright. This step is done because there are many complaints from media companies that often become the victims of copying the content on the internet.

Executive Search Engines Google, Amit Singhal, said the Google search algorithm will take into account the number of complaints from the community on the web site in violation of copyright.

Google will not display the link (link) web site that violates copyright on the front lines of the search.

"The website with the number of complaints of copyright infringement that may occur with high search results are lower," Singhal said in a statement on Google's official blog on Friday (08/10/2012).

To limit the copyright infringement on the internet, Google will be easier for users to find and access the copyrighted content on the first page of search engines.

During this time, many media companies that produce content text, electronic books, music, and video, the victim of online piracy. Their content is copied to other web sites to look for financial gain.

The copyright holder can report web sites that copy content without permission. After receiving a report from the copyright holders, Google will "punish" the web site no later than within 24 hours.

During the week, Google could receive more than 1 million reports of copyright infringement on the website.

Recording Industry Association of America (Recording Industry Association of America / RIAA) praised the long-term measures taken by Google. "Google has given a new gesture to respect copyright," said the CEO of the RIAA Cary Sherman, as quoted by The Wall Street Journal.

Similar disclosed Association of American Film (Motion Picture Association of America / MPAA). They will continue to oversee the development project of this copyright protection.